Russel Wilson and His Hercules-like Arms: Mama Like

With the good comes the bad.  It was another week to celebrate as a bills fan in the closing of the third week of the season.  The battle of Lake Erie (or the battle of two equally bad teams) gave the home field advantage to Cleveland but in the end the BIlls walked off with the 24-14 victory.  However, in true Bills fashion, disappointment was still in the air as CJ Spiller was taken off the field with a shoulder injury in the first quarter.  This meant a devastating loss for my projected to win fantasy team, yes I admit it I’ve begun to take pride in the sports edition of world of warcraft.  This also brought on a sense of fear for the team heading into next week’s game against the disney vilains of football; the Patriots.  Now, I’m going to casually bring up how much I love Justin Tucker for barely making the game winning field goal over the Patriots.  Bill Belichick’s (the head coach of the Patriots) reaction at the end of the game somewhat resembled what I imagine Kris Jenner’s reaction would be if she found out Kim Kardashian was no longer creating her unnecessary income.  Now I am done gloating and continue on to the only important information about this blog, the men beneath the pads and helmets.

This week I am featuring a young man who has been in the paper s this week in lue of controversy over the outcome of his game winning hail mary pass (the worlds first game winning interception) against the Green Bay Packers.  A pass and catch that which brought attention to the public that the NFL Ref lockout needed to end.  However, we won’t get into those details, we are going to bring attention the important details that the papers failed to mention, Russell Wilson has the ability to make a woman want to scream yeah, and get her going like ooh baby baby, ooh baby baby (thank you Usher for your thought provoking lyrics).  Now perhaps I feel this way because I tend to favor Quarterbacks starting at the tender age of five, my first ‘boyfriend’ being the quarterback of the modified football team, a highly esteemed position.  Since then my love has been devoted to the men in quarterback position from Brady Quinn (when he was a breathtakingly handsome okay quarterback for my personal college favorite Notre Dame) to the precious Drew Brees and many other handsome NFL quarterbacks.  If you’re looking for a well groomed, chiseled, arms with guns a blazing man, well then ladies look no further than the quarterback position. For those unaware of the job of the quarterback I’ll make it plain and simple for you.  The quarterback is like the Justin Timberlake of N’Sync.  He carries the offense, he is the leader.  He is the one you hear yelling out plays before the snap of the football, and they play just about every offensive play there is, so ladies he has to be able to go all night.  The quarterback has to be smart in order to have a successful offense, he has to be able to think quick and in some cases make something out of nothing.  And ladies, it is the highest paid position in the NFL, so find a good one.

Russell Wilson at the tender age of 23 brings promise to being one of those attractive well paid quarterbacks.  Wilson is a talented and versatile athlete (hopefully leading to versatility in other factors of his life as well) being drafted by the Orioles upon graduating high school, but declined to go to NC State, only to later transfer to play football in a state that no one cares about Wisconsin.  While Russell is rather short to most quarterbacks being only 5’11” a bummer for a 5’8” girl like me he has many redeeming qualities, one being his face, it’s quite cute.  Another being his arms, good god it’s like Hercules up in that joint.  He is a determined young man and willing to prove people wrong, many said he wouldn’t make it as a quarterback (his height being a major factor) but to the start of the season he’s lead his team to more wins than the other rookie quarterbacks.  I like a man with determination, it’s sexy and leads to…..success.  He’s also like smart, and considerate, and a nice person if you care about those qualities in a man, but those characteristics won’t get you aroused during a football game.    One thing about him below the surface that should be recognized is his charitable work.  He is a National Ambassador for the Diabetes Association and visits the Seattle Children’s hospital on off days during the football season.  Like is this guy real?!? How “presh” is that ya’ll.  He’s too good to be true, he’s truly a guy you bring home to mom and dad.  The only downfall is the fact that he married his longtime girlfriend this past January.  However, I try to see the good in everything, and all I got to say is if he married this beautiful woman, than ladies we all have a chance!So dream on ladies, there’s a possible Russell Wilson in your future!  Please don’t moan too loud, when looking at these pictures (especially his arms) it’s awkward, trust me, I don’t think I’m allowed back in the library.

Sex Face                                                  


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