Dirty Dancing with Victor Cruz

Today is possibly the only day of the football season that I can wear my Buffalo Bills shirt with pride after a win.  The bills murdering the chiefs in yesterdays Sept. 16th game, made the ever so difficult wardrobe decision that much easier today, allowing me the chance to sleep in this morning before my insanely early 2:15pm class for the day.  I slipped into my white buffalo bills shirt, my red skinny jeans and black converse and headed to campus greeting the fellow bills fans with high fives, each knowing this will probably be the only time this season we will ever be exchanging high fives of triumph.  As much as I would love to brag about the efforts of CJ Spiller the thriller, there is another man in which this blog gets devoted to today and he goes by the name of Victor Cruz.

The 25 year old is heading into his third season as a Wide Receiver for the New York Giants, and ladies he is quite a catch literally.  It’s hard to believe that he went un-drafted in the 2010 NFL draft but I can guarantee that the NY Giants pat themselves on the back whenever Cruz is on the field.  For those unaware of Cruz’s job on the field as a WR I will quickly surmise leaving out all the technical details.  Cruz’s place is on the offensive and his main job like many other players is to score.  He typically stands on the end of the line closest to the sidelines.  His position is key for passing plays and requires speed and agility.  He is to catch the ball, run, and outmaneuver the opposing men on the field in hopes of making it to the endzone (he could do all those things to me any day).  Basically ladies, he’s great to bring shopping during sales, able to outrun and side step all those bitches who want the last pair of size 8 pumps.  Yesterday, despite the Giants terrible and boring start, Victor Cruz helped lead the team to victory over the Buccaneers.  Cruz, my leading scorer of 36 for my fantasy team, had 237 receiving yards (catching the ball and running),  and also contributed a 80 yd touchdown, in which he dedicated to his grandmother whom recently passed away.  If this doesn’t make you fall in love with him than ladies I have another thing coming your way.

Cruz’s trademark on the field is his lovely latino hips.  Ladies those hips are the hips of god and he will dance his way into your heart in no time, no matter which team has your allegiance.  Perhaps it’s the idea that he would agree to take you out dancing whenever you wanted, unlike most men.  Or perhaps it’s knowing that those hips will dance their way into the bedroom as well.  He’s got a great fit body, with a huge smile and a great laugh to match.  He’s well spoken and did i mention he’s bilingual he can sweet talk you to the endzone in Spanish and English.  He’s also a relatively new father to his daughter Kennedy who is absolutely adorable and you can tell he adores her.  I don’t know about you but I think he qualifies for my hot dad list.  Alright well I better stop I’m all hot and bothered but I’ll leave you with some Victor Cruz presents that should lead you to victory if you know what i mean, enjoy.


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