A New Season is Upon Us

As the sun begins to set earlier each day and the nights grow colder, women around the world are beginning to prepare themselves of new wardrobes, fall pallets, and busting out the knee high boots.  It’s quite an exciting time of year and our efforts often go unnoticed by the men in our lives.  There is only one reason for this and the answer is football.  For men, fall starts a little early, precisely when training camp starts, when teams are being chosen and statistics are run every day in order to draft the dream team of fantasy football, allowing them to have bragging rights among a very small group of people.  It’s a time when most women pretend to enjoy the sport and gain appreciation from the guy they’re trying to impress.  It’s not uncommon for women to erase all loyalty to a football team as the men in their lives change.  It is also the time when women, who no longer have to impress the men in their lives, wonder why they are with their significant other as they constantly check their standings in their fantasy league pretending they’re the Bill Belichick of football.  For those who don’t get that reference it’s like the Rachel Zoe of stylists, and if you don’t know who Rachel Zoe is perhaps you should skip this blog and just focus on buying that new fall wardrobe.  Now I know that this doesn’t apply to every woman, there are in fact women out there like myself who actually enjoy football and can tell you what a tight end does (besides have a tight end).  Now perhaps my love of football was destined seeing as I was the only girl of a former football player and coach father, and two brothers who both not only played but also contribute to the fantasy world.  I have seen more football games than I have played in both Volleyball and Lacrosse games grades 7-12.  I’ve witnessed the ups and downs of football, although mainly the downs seeing as I was born and raised a Buffalo Bills fan, but the hope and love of the game is always there.  My goal with this blog is to convince all you, fake, or half hearted, football fans out there that this is a sport that you can love and understand.  You can still paint your nails and explain a wild cat with enthusiasm.  This blog will inform you of the game of football, recap previous games, occasionally share my experiences with my fantasy league (quite an interesting world fantasy football is) and finally the selling point of this blog, discuss the most important thing about football…the attractive men, every teams got one so pick a man and theres you’re team!  I will leave you with a little preview: Alright I’ll let you go and change your panties now, but just remember it only gets better.


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